Seeking the surreal and remarkable in the every day. I'm intrigued by gesture and light, by accidental contradiction, by the magic of specific elements coming together to make an image whose meaning is layered and changeable.

Car Boot Sales

Sidewalk Stories

After 18 (2016)

Feature for the Sunday Times on the privately-funded adult care centres set up by parents of autistic children in South Africa. When an autistic child turns 18, they are no longer eligible for traditional, state-funded care centres, leaving the parents to find other ways of looking after their children.

#overnightrush @SA Fashion Week (2018)

I was one of seven photographers commissioned by Leica to shoot a night at 2018 South African Fashion Week using a single roll of 35mm film. The prints were exhibited at the FotoZA Gallery in Johannesburg.

Bosnia Herzogovina (2018)